Provisional Schedule & Field Trips


Provisional Schedule:

June 30, 2011. Arrive to Colunga, Asturias, N Spain.

July 1-3, 2011. Scientific sessions and intra-meeting field trip. Visit to Museum ichnofossil collections.

July 4-5, 2011. Post-Workshop field trips.

July 6, 2011. Return to home.

Field trips:

July 2. Field trip A (intra-meeting field trip).

El Tranqueru sea cliffs, close to Candás (picnic). Ichnofabrics, sedimentary facies, discontinuity surfaces and sequence stratigraphy in Middle Devonian siliciclastic coast and shelf deposits.

photo 1 - photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

Including touristic visit to Naranco Pre Romanesque Monuments (World Heritage Monument, UNESCO 1985), close to Oviedo (capital city).

July 4: Field trip B (post-meeting field trip).

Vega Beach (picnic) next to Ribadesella. Ichnofabrics from the Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian and Pliensbachian) marl-limestone rhythmites.

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Including touristic visit to Tito Bustillo Cave (World Heritage Monument, UNESCO 2008). The cave paintings of Magdalenian age are among the main Paleolithic parietal art sites of the World. An extensive karstic complex excavated in Carboniferous limestones.

July 5: Field trip C (post-meeting field trip)

Stop 1. Villar Sea cliffs, near Villaviciosa. Hardground ichnofabrics of the Upper Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) successions.

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Stop 2. Tazones lighthouse seacliffs, close to Villaviciosa (picnic). Dinosaur tracks, invertebrate trace fossils and ichnofabrics in fluvial-dominated deltaic successions (Kimmeridgian, Upper Jurassic)

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